Thrace Businessmen Association`s First Official Visit to Abroad

Thrace Businessmen Association (TİAD), carried out its first official visit to Bursa after the invitation of Western Thracian Businessmen Association in Bursa (BATISİAD). During the two-day visit on 6 and 7 December 2018, the BATISİAD Association was visited on the first day of the visit and the President of BATISİAD Ahmet Er,  hosted the President of TİAD Levent Sadık Ahmet and Administrative Board members accompanying him. On the same day, our Association visited BALKANTÜRKSİAD Association in Bursa and was hosted by Administrative Board Vice President Süleyman İnan and BALKANTÜRKSİAD Members. After this meeting, TİAD attended the dinner given by BATISİAD to its honor.

On the second day of the visit, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar accepted the TİAD President Levent Sadık Ahmet and the members accompanying him in his office and talked about the works and projects of the Osmangazi Municipality. Afterwards, Panaroma Fatah Museum 1326 was visited, which was constructed by Osmangazi Municipality, and Mayor Mustafa Dündar personally showed the museum and informed the participants about it.

TİAD also visited BTTDD (Western Thrace Turks Solidarity Association) Bursa branch on Friday, 7th December and was informed from President Ali Eminlatif about the activities of the association.

Finally, the TİAD delegation participated in the BATISİAD Balkans Economic Cooperation meeting which was held at the Bursa`s Mercure Hotel. To this meeting participated in the President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Commission(TBMM) and AK Party Bursa deputy West Thracian Hakan Çavuşoğlu, Bursa AK Party deputies Emine Yavuz Gözgeç, Refik Özen and Osman Mesten, Bursa Mayor Alinur Aktaş, Osmangazi Mayor Mustafa Dündar, Past Term Bursa Deputy Leader Matlı, BTSO Administrative Board Member Aytuğ Onur and BEBKA Secretary General İsmail Gerim, as well as managers and businessmen of Balkan-based associations operating in Bursa province. Mr. Levent Sadık Ahmet, who spoke at this meeting, gave the following statements in his speech: "We made different contacts in Bursa for two days. We had very emotional moments. It was very productive for us. TİAD was an institution to be established and completed a shortage in Thrace. Many of us are active in politics, business and many other important places. We need to know each other better. Our business is commercial diplomacy. We set off the way by not discriminating religion, language and race. Our door is open to everyone who has good intentions. We are there for you, you can trust us. We are one of the few doors to Europe. We have been waiting for centuries on the motherland. This is not a very easy struggle. No one can change this from tomorrow to today. Let's make more trade and more cooperation. "

The other participants also delivered a speech at the meeting. At the end of the evening, our President Levent Sadık Ahmet presented a plaque  to the President of the Parliamentary Human Rights Investigation Committee and AK Party Bursa Deputy Western Thracian Hakan Çavuşoğlu.