Significant Visit from TBA

Thrace Businessmen Association paid a visit to Perpato Association for People with Kinetic Disabilities and Friends on 23rd August 2017 President of Perpato Alexandros Taksildaris and his collegues informed TBA about the activities of the association. TBA president Levent Sadık Ahmet congratulated Mr. Taksildaris about his great job and said that he was impressed about it.Mr. Sadık Ahmet reminded that businessmen have also social responsibilities and that all businessmen should support NGOs. In addition, he stated that he will bring to the agenda of DTIK`s Balkans Comitte the subject of Kinetically Disabled People`s “Balkan Meeting”.Hence, he talked about bringing to the agenda of TBA`s Adminstrative Board Meeting the issue of job opportunities for Kinetically Disabled People and will provide job to at least one Kinetically Disabled person in his company at cherry harvest time in 2018. TBA has donated a bathroom wheelchair, which is determined to be a liaison requirement with the Perpato Association and allows the kinetically disabled people to take their bathroom toilet needs. Vice President İsmail Mümin, Administrative Board member Rıdvan Molla İsa and Association Secretary Ali Ali Çavuş also have attended to the Perpato Association visit.