About Us

As an institution TBA, brings together the pioneering and innovative entrepreneurs of the region on the basis of cooperation and solidarity and represents them on national and international platforms, providing the necessary training, information, organization and strategy support for global competition.

The TBA contributes to the formation of a strong economy open to compete with the global economy and a contemporary social structure in Greece`s  Thrace Region,and aims to the sustainable development of it by preserving its natural and historical richness.

It leads industrial and technological investments for strategic infrastructure investments to integrate the region with the country and world economy.

It plays a leading role for public opinion as a sensitive institution to the main problems of the country.

It informs the authorities and the public about the economic problems of our country and region and sends requests.

- TBA Adopts and protects the global ethical business principles.

- It is an institution with a sensitivity to education, develops itself continuously, and it is based on scientific principles in all its decisions and practices.

- It supports the idea that the region`s resources should be used for the development of the region.

- It adopts a participatory organization structure

TBA is an association which brings together members from industrialists and business people from many sectors active in our country's and region's economy. TBA has as basic quality policy which includes the following main headings:

- "Entrepreneurship" is the cornerstone of the production process "

- "Education" is neccessary for the quality of human resources that will influence the knowledge, the effective use of technology, the success of global competition,

- "Innovation" that completes Entrepreneurship and Education

- "Competition Law" for optimal distribution of resources in the market economy based on

- "Fight against unregistered labour and tax evaders" for the sustainable growth of our members companies and the guarantee of competitiveness,

- "Industry Strategy" for fair competition environment for our members

- "Environmentally Friendly Technology and Techniques" for the welfare of society

- "Law State and the Judiciary" for the assurance of an advanced economy

Regarding these main topics; Our Quality Policy, Our commitment to meeting the requirements of the ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System is to provide continuously improved services to satisfy the expectations of our members and to contribute to the development of our region and our country's commercial and economic life.